A Sticky Mess

This morning Judah was eating cheerios (the worlds greatest invention!!) and tiny pieces of banana. I gave him a spoon so he could practice feeding himself, and he actually got some food on the spoon and then into his mouth. When I grabbed the camera to take a picture of him feeding himself this is all he would do:

He doesn't look so smart with the spoon going in his mouth backwards!! Oh well. *I know* that he fed himself with a spoon.

Judah LOVES being chased - it's so funny. We will give him free reign of the house and he will start crawling down the hallway. If one of us doesn't chase him right away he'll stop on all fours and look over his shoulder, patiently waiting for us to chase him. When we start after him down the hall he laughs his contagious laugh and starts crawling at the same time... it's quite hilarious. He can't laugh and crawl straight at the same time! He usually ends up bumping into walls as he scurries away.


Sarge Charlie said...

but he is cute

Bethany said...

He sure is a cutie... What a great smile!

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