No Smokes for Granny

There was a knock on our door this afternoon, and when Paul opened the door there was a little white boy and a little black boy, both around 7 or 8 years old.

One of them said;
"Were, uh, looking for three cigarettes for our, uh, Grandma."

Paul told them he doesn't smoke.

There was a rather loud exclamation of disappointment, and then they turned and left.

How dumb do those kids think we are?!


Andy and Jenelle said...

Those are the days when you wish you kept around those candy cigarettes!

mel said...

Haha, talk about a lame excuse! I love it! Paul should have said he had some, but he wanted to meet grandma in person and see if she needed anything else or something like that. :-)

Sarge Charlie said...


Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! Too bad you don't know who they are so you could notify their parents.

The Rock Chick said...

cigarettes for grandma? uh, ok, sure, let me give you guys a carton! Unbelievable....

Did the "uhs" give them away>? LOL


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