An Uncles Love

 My brother Spencer has never been fond of kids. In fact when he was young he would put up a stink when kids younger than him would come over to our house. He didn't like drool. He didn't like crying. He didn't like that someone smaller than him could be so much cuter than him
Now that he's an uncle he still says he doesn't like kids.
But he bought the boys Christmas presents in October and called to tell me.
And he gets a goofy grin on his face when he sees the boys.
And when he calls to talk to me he always asks about them.

I think he loves them just about as much as they love him. 


Jessica The Rock Chick said...

People change as they grow, but nephews are not just kids...they're nephews! How could anyone not adore nieces and nephews. I think they're one of the greatest presents ever!!!

Heather said...

How could he not love those boys of yours? That is adorable that he bought their Christmas presents in October!! Yup, that's love!

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