Pictures from Our Backyard

 It has warmed up here and we are practically living outside.
Paul is doing much better, but is still taking it easy as he's not quite back to normal. So we sit on the porch and watch our boys entertain themselves.
The boys are loving exploring and digging. They were given some digger trucks for Christmas and a couple of them have made their way outside.

I have been taking my camera out with us a lot. I play a game with myself where I pick one lens before heading out and then only use that lens for the time we're outside. These pictures were all taken with the Nikon 50mm f.1.8

I love this lens!

It was the first lens I bought (apart from the kit lens) and would highly recommend it!

We've got some poison berries growing in our yard. I really should read up on what to do when your child accidentally eats these as I am pretty sure Wesley will attempt to eat them one day. He's funny like that.

Green mossy stuff growing on a rock.

Some sticks.

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Jessica The Rock Chick said...

Beautiful shots, Jessica!!! I'm envious is warming up there enough to be outside. We're not as cold as we were, but hanging out on the front porch won't be an option for a couple of months. I can't wait!!

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