Atlanta was incredible.
Incredibly cold.
ETA: Cold as in 24F cold.
And beautiful.

We spent some time walking around an artsy area that had spectacular graffiti.

We ate at places that had raving reviews from magazines. The star shaped doughnut on the right was a creamsicle flavored doughnut.
I am craving another one.

We got up close to the inner city to take pictures of crumbling buildings.

And we observed the city from a distance. 

Paul and I had so much fun in Atlanta and once I get life here a bit more on track I am going to feature some of the places we ate and things we did - or would have done if it weren't so cold!! - in case anyone plans a trip to Atlanta.


Bethany said...

We went to NYC just after Christmas and it was cold there too. One day it was down in the teens or less. A frigid day for walking around the city. How cold was Atlanta?

BeckeyZ said...

I've been to Atlanta once, to work on a habitat for humanity home. It was awesome...worked really hard, played really hard and I got to work on a roof with Hank Aaron. Good memories.

Jessica said...

I love Atlanta. Scott and I have been planning to do a weekend up there for awhile - hit the aquarium and zoo and all..... That might wait until Leah's older and can even remotely appreciate it. Or....it might just be a field trip for Mommy and Daddy!

Jen said...

I love the way you captured Atlanta, very cool. I haven't been there in a good while.. but those doughnuts look so yummy!

Jessica Morris said...

Bethany - I added it to the post, but it was 24 F!

Jessica - I'd recommend it being a kid free trip if you have someone to watch Leah. There's lots to do, but a lot of it is getting in and out of the car. But if you did take her you'd have a fabulous time too :)

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

Jessica, you take the most gorgeous pictures! I know graffiti is a problem, but some of it is amazing. It's a shame some of those kids aren't using their art skills more positively than vandalism. Love the crumbling brick picture!!!

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