Paul's birthday didn't go quite as we'd planned. He got food poisoning - we think from somewhere that he ate on his way home on Friday and it hit him rather hard on Saturday.
The boys had already set the table, made a special birthday sign and were excited about wearing the party hats and singing Happy Birthday.
With Paul upstairs in bed the boys wore the party hats anyway and we ate Paul's birthday dinner without him. He very sweetly came down so the boys could sing to him and watch him open his gifts.
I didn't get any pictures of the birthday celebration since there wasn't much of it going on.

Paul was violently ill for several hours and we ended up going into the Emergency Room about 11pm. The tests results didn't show anything, so Paul was sent home and told to take it easy for the next several days.
He hasn't been sick again, however he is completely wiped out.

We are all exhausted so I will be taking a few days break from here.


Jessica The Rock Chick said...

Oh no!! That food poisoning is awful. My sister contracted salmonella once and I have never seen anyone get so violently ill so rapidly. What an awful way to spend a birthday!!! Hope Paul is better quickly.

Jessica said...

How awful! I'm so sorry he was sick and that the birthday plans fell through. I've never had food poisoning (knock on wood), but I've seen it in other people and it's clearly no fun whatsoever. I hope you all regain your strength soon.

MomLaur83 said...

Jess, more than likely it was just the flu! Right after New Year's I came down with it - hit me like a truck! I was vomiting and the other from about 8 pm to midnight non stop, then fine after that. Same deal with my sister in law! It's going around here and probably there also, glad to hear he's better now!

Heather said...

Aww, I am so sorry that Paul was so sick for his birthday celebration! How sweet of him to come down for his boys to celebrate. I hope he gets his strength back and is feeling better very quickly.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

So sorry that Paul was sick. I didn't realize it was time for him to be home. I hope he is back at full strength soon. I know you are glad that he is back. By the way Dec Fab Outlet is on frontage road near Home Depot/Sams/Lowes right off Bobby Jones. You have to take a left off BJ onto frontage probably from the way you would be coming. Have a blessed week, and get some rest! Jackie

Real Life Sarah said...

Oh, I'm so sorry your husband was so sick! Glad he's feeling a little bit better. That food poisoning can be so awful! You'll have to have another "birthday" dinner when he's feeling better.

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