The Beauty at the End of the Day

 Paul is working in Charleston S.C. for a few days and I am down here with him. My wonderful sister is staying with the boys, for which I am very grateful.

I arrived here just before sunset last evening and went straight to the beach.
We come to this beach a few times each summer.
I have never seen it so empty.
So deserted.
So beautiful.

The way the sun hit the water, the sand and the sea shells was breath taking.
I was the only person there, surrounded by all this beauty.

It was the first sunset I have attempted to capture, so it was extra special to me.

Today, while Paul is working, my plans are to roam the streets of Charleston and attempt to capture some of the charm of the city.

But my mind is still thinking of the beauty of the sunset and the One who made it.
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Alyson said...

Simply beautiful, Jess! I did the same thing when we lived in Hawaii. Now the pics are in our room and the guest room. They remind me of the Lord's gift of creation to me each day. Enjoy your quiet time and time with Paul!

Pati said...

breathtaking jessica you have not only captured the image but an emotion

amanda said...

i miss the beach! it has been far too long since i've been to the beach. your pictures are lovely -- i especially love the light on the shells!

Graceful said...

Your photos are gorgeous, especially the sun glinting off the shells and sea foam. Beautiful!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

What a blessing ! Enjoy yourself!

Kathleen@so much to say, so little time said...

Spectacular. And to have it all to yourself--heavenly.

Dawn said...

i think the last picture is my favorite! i love charleston... my husband was deployed there for 13 months... and we were lucky to go up and spend time with him. enjoy your time and that beautiful beach :)

BeckeyZ said...

Beautiful captures!!! I love that tiny rainbow flare on the last one! Enjoy the peace.

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