The Boys

Paul and I spent the last four days in Atlanta - our first time away from both boys. While we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our time together we both missed these bundles of joy and we were excited to see them when we got home this afternoon.

We brought home our 3-D glasses from Avator and Judah thought they went perfectly with his Knight helmet.



Empty Nest Full Life said...

It would be hard not to miss those adorable things! I went in to sub this AM and the dates were not correct so I hope I will be making headway to a clean house today. I am doing some curtains for Blaine, so I will be heading over soon to get those going. Joe is getting ready for the outage, which will mean no time together much at all, so I plan to try to visit Blaine more this time. Have a great remaining week. Jackie

Patsy said...

Precious children!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Have a blessed day!!

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