Wipe That Smirk Off

It was too quiet in the living room, and so I jumped up to see what Judah was in to - he was huddled up next to the couch (where I can't see him from my place at the table) and had his tub of wipes opened and nearly 180 wipes strewn on the floor around him! He was truly delighted at his accomplishment and Paul and I tried our hardest to keep our amusement hidden from him.


The Rock Chick said...

When they get mobile, that's when the fun begins! LOL

Sometimes you can't help but laugh, though. I love his little denim jacket...so cute!

Bethany said...

My Mom used to say that if you can hear them making noise, they're okay... It's when they are too quiet that they're up to no good!

Judah is too funny :)

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