Almost One!

Our little man will be one tomorrow!!! I was hoping to make him a cake and a few other treats for him, but I am not feeling up to it. I haven't even felt like wrapping his presents! So the little dude will have to wait a few more days to celebrate his birthday :)

Last week I spent some time looking on E-bay for lots of clothes for Judah - I won a twenty plus pieces lot of clothing for .99 cents!! It was $10 shipping, but still, that only brings the total to $10.99 for some pretty sweet pieces of clothing. The clothes arrived a couple of days ago and I am so happy with them - they're all in like new condition and really nice. Very boy-like clothes!

Judah has spent a lot of today sleeping, which has been nice for us :) Yesterday we took him to the hospital with us - waking him up at 5am. We thought he would sleep, but he didn't. He wanted to charm the nurses. Which he did. Which is why I think they treated me so nicely - go blue eyed baby boys!! Judah's lack of sleep yesterday has been more than made up today - he slept twelve hours last night, and has napped for five hours today. Paul has been bed-resting with me. We've watched a few movies and he ordered in pizza. Only one more day of this, and then I'll be able to do stuff


the wonderful yuonger brother with luscious golden locks! said...

i'm just dropping a line to say that i seriously love judahs hair... seriously... it's amazing!!! dont cut the front!! keep the back from getting long and nasty, but right now the front is just so epic!!!

i really insanely miss you and paul, and judah, and i'm excited about baby #2... which, incidently, is a boy!
woot woot!!

anywho, thats it... oh, yes... interesting story... you have this rare gift that compels me to read about all your mundane daily activities and be fascinated by them... honestly, you could make an explaination of cars seem interesting!

oh, aaaaaaaaaaaaand, you should google 'the impossible quiz' if your on bedrest for a bit... it's insane(ly fun)

yup... thats it!! the p.s. was longer than the s...

Bethany said...

Happy birthday to little Judah! He actually crossed my mind this morning. I was thinking his birthday was coming up!

Sarge Charlie said...

wow, how big he is, it has been a fun year, grit your teeth for the TT. (terrible twos)

The Rock Chick said...

Happy Birthday to Judah! That is a SWEET deal on the clothes! WOW!

Definitely take advantage of nap time...it ends soon enough!

Glad you will be up and around soon! I know laying around like that only makes you more tired, right? Cant wait to see the b-day pics!


Crystal said...

Wow, I can't believe he's already one!! What a fast year.

Happy birthday, Judah! :)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Judah!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to get to see you again! Please remember me!!!! Enjoy being one!

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