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Bed-resting is pretty boring. It wasn't so bad over the weekend - when I thought it was only suppose to last for the weekend! - and I was able to watch (and embarrassingly enough complete) Season 1 of Heroes. Never mind how many hours long that is. I had nothing better to do.
But then came Monday - I still took it easy, but I did carry Judah around a bit, I played on the floor with him, I made supper... all things the doctor said were fine to do. But I ended up having abnormal discharge Monday night through Tuesday. I called and talked to a doctor yesterday and she said to remain on bedrest till it stops entirely. It hasn't stopped. So I'm still laying around.
Paul is so sweet about it all - I am SO GLAD that he has two weeks off work. And Judah is being great too. He'll sit beside the couch and put a blanket over his head while I say "Where's Judah?" Then he pulls it off and giggles. I think he knows I'm bored. Little does he know playing "Where's Judah?" for twenty minutes is pretty boring too. But it is cute :)

I spend a lot of time blog hopping... I check my favorite blogs a dozen times a day. Imagine my delight when I saw my Rock-Chick friend -Jessica- wrote a blog post devoted to ME!!
You can check it here - TWIST AND SHOUT

There's a few other blogs worth checking out today.
My bloggy friend Mel, whose fiance died in Iraq almost one year ago, has posted a handsome picture of her soldier in honor of his birthday.
You can see it here - HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Earlier this week she also shared with us about a special blessing. Her and Jim had planned to get married December 7th. On that very day her friend had a baby, who was named after Mel's fiance! A beautiful, bitter-sweet day.
You can read about it here - A LITTLE MIRACLE

Sarge Charlie has a rather wacky sense of humor and this week posted a cartoon that made me laugh.
You can see it here - WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

And finally Nathan - whose wife has CF and three weeks ago delivered their baby prematurely - shared with everyone some of the struggles and set backs his wife has been going through. Nathan updates frequently (or sometimes has family members update) and he has lots of pictures of his little girl - who at three weeks old is 12 inches long and weighing in at 1 lb 4 oz.
You can read the update on his wife here - THE PAST FEW DAYS
And see the most recent pictures of his daughter here - WHITE ROSE BLOOMING

One of the reasons Paul took two weeks off of work is because we are moving from and apartment in to a house. A REAL HOUSE! That we're allowed to paint, and can plant flowers, and has lots of closets. It also has a big back yard. We can officially start moving things in on Friday, but we were given the key yesterday and are allowed to put things in the garage and paint the one bedroom (Judah's) we wanted to paint. Last night Paul and a friend from church painted Judah's room. We picked out this color - BELGIAN CHOCOLATE (click to view)- and we will paint the trim either a light brown/cream or blue. I'll decide when I see it :)
Paul went back over there this afternoon and said he would take pictures of everything for me, so then I will post some.


Bethany said...

A house... So wonderful. With closets! And flowers! And the Belgian chocolate paint... yum! I miss having big closets at our house. Storage is a problem, so cherish your closet space!

mel said...

Ooh I like that paint color!


The Rock Chick said...

I like that paint color, too! In fact, it's very similar to what I have in my bedroom right now! It's very warm and cozy----great choice!!!

Glad you liked the post :)


Crystal said...

That's a really nice color. It looks similar to 1/2 my living room and my master bath (which is WITHOUT blue tape). ;o)

We watched Heroes a couple months ago and LOVED it. Do you love it?? Do you watch Lost?? We're sooo excited about Lost!

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