Rubix Cube

I bought Paul the Rubix Cube for his birthday and Judah adores it! He carries it around with him most of the day, it's kind of cute :) This was him yesterday, on his birthday.
We had a couple of gifts from my parents for him that he opened (pics will be loaded eventually!) We're going to be celebrating as a family on Friday, and he'll get the rest of his gifts then.


The Rock Chick said...

Oh what a cute pic! Those blue eyes with the colors in the rubik's cube!!!!!

Can he solve it? LOL I remember in the 80's when they were the big thing. I tried and tried and was never able to do it. I see them in the stores now all over the place and I want one so badly to try again, but I know that's all I'll end up doing and I know I won't be able to solve it...LOL


mel said...

This picture is ADORABLE!!!!!!

And I hate those things. I bought one, but gave up. Much too complicated for my little mind, I suppose.

But I'm glad Judah enjoys it! :)

Crystal said...

Oooh genius baby! :)

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