When Will You Get Fat?

I will be 14 weeks tomorrow, so I thought I should finally take a picture, since I don’t have any of my pregnant self yet!! Taking pictures of myself this pregnancy will be rather easy, since Paul bought me a tri-pod last year. Paul is truly one of the best present buyers. I love the tripod, and it has been well used.

This picture was actually inspired because someone today asked me “When are you going to get fat?”

Huh?? I’ll admit… I didn’t get it. I asked her what she meant.

“You know, your belly. When will it grow?”

OHH! Suddenly it made sense. I thought my belly had been growing … if not from baby at least from all the Christmas goodies I have been munching on for the last few weeks.


Amber said...

LOL--you're so tiny! :-)

Sarge Charlie said...

you time will come.....

Jessica Morris said...

I'm not really wanting to get fat, I just thought it was funny that I was asked that way about it ;)

mel said...

This is a great picture!

And you are sooo tiny! I love it!

The Rock Chick said...

Thats a great picture---you should post one like every two weeks or so!

I don't know if you'll be the same, but I showed a lot faster with the second one than I did with the first!


Anonymous said...

what a cute picture - you look great! Your son is such a little cutie, too! Congrats!!

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