Snake Skin Boots and Gum-Ball Pink

Doesn't this man make you want to giggle? Take away the magnify glass, 15 lbs, the hook in the nose and the blue suit and add snake skin boots, a gold bracelet and a strong Southern accent and you've got our Very Likely Future Land Lord (VLFLL).
Our VLFLL is a really nice man, and I'm really not making fun of him. He just makes me giggle every time I talk to him, and when I met him in person with his ultra -uncool snake skin boots I wanted to giggle some more. I think Paul even felt the urge to giggle when he saw those boots.
Like I said, he is a really nice man. We're pretty much almost definitely going to rent a house from him (HURRAY!! A HOUSE!). But how can you not giggle when you end up with a voice mail message that goes like this:

"Hi Jessica, this is VLFLL. I'm just callin' to let y'all know that we can go see the house y'all are interested in tomorrow at 4pm. No need to call me back. Unless I hear from you I'll presume that 4pm will work for y'all. But why don't you call me just to let me know for sure that it will work for y'all? You can call my cell or call my secretary."

Something about that just struck my funny bone. I have the message saved on my cell phone now, and will probably keep it there forever.

Do you save voice messages?

VLFLL made voice mail #3 that will never get deleted.
The first one I have saved is a sweet message from Paul he left sometime in June ... I can't bring myself to delete it.

The second one is my sister when she found out we were pregnant with baby #2. It makes me giggle when I hear it. It goes something like "Oh my goodness! I am soooo excited. But EWWWWW. I was babysitting Judah for you when you made that baby."
Thanks for that Esther.

Now my VLFLL "don't call me back, but why don't you to confirm?" message is going to be saved for the life span of my voice mail :)

Back to this house though ... today was the 4pm appointment and as much as you can fall in love with a house, we are with this one! If all goes well we'll get it February 1st ... since we're stuck at our apartment through the month of February we'll have all month to move our stuff in... and to change Judah's future room from gum-ball pink to something a little more boy appropriate color!


The Rock Chick said...

That's too funny! Call me back to confirm that I don't have to call you back, ok? Just want to make sure!!!
Congrats on the house!!! (I'm sure there will be pics, right!)


Anonymous said...

Great, I will have to have hear more about it. In your little apartment I could see you all living in it and it didn't seem that you were so far away. Must come and check it out sometime.
Have fun. Waiting for more news.

Love AP

Sarge Charlie said...

Your sister is funny, I will make you giggle today......

Bethany said...

Yea for a house!!!

Crystal said...

Have fun moving!

Can't say that I save voice mails. Those are funny though.

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