New House Pics

Pictures of our new (empty!!) house:
(Dining room, hall way and all the burgundy walls need to be repainted - probably tomorrow.)
Paul forgot to get any of the front of the house, Judah's room, the office/guest room or the garage. Oh well!
The Guest Bathroom:
It had a hideous mirror hanging here, so it was taken down and we'll find something to go in its place. Maybe replace the lights too.
The dining room. We'll try to scrub some of the soot off the brick. We'd love to add a mantel too! There's a second identical window on the other side of the fireplace.

Master Bedroom

the view from the bathroom to the door (back right)
view from the corner across from the door in to the master bath.
master bathroom - it has toilet and bathtub too.
The Kitchen -

looking at it from the dining room. We can't stand the border, or the color. So those will be changed eventually. On the back right hand side is a pantry. There's a window over the sink, looking into the backyard.
Looking at it from the living room.
Standing in the living room - the beige wall in the back is the dining room wall.
The closets from front to back are - coat closet, furnace, laundry closet.
looking at the front door - across from the coat closet (above)
One end of the living room
The other end of the living room - which opens onto the back porch, the kitchen on the left, and the garage on the right.
The backyard - it's a good size!
The back of the house from the backyard
The back porch.
A junky play house in the back yard that needs to be fixed up.


Bethany said...

That's an awesome house!! It looks pretty and you haven't even done anything yet! Looking forward to seeing the "after" shots.

mel said...

How exciting!!

I just LOVE watching those shows where they do before and after shots... So, my dear, you must keep us updated on your many trips to Home Depot and such... :-)

How awesome. I just love empty space waiting to be painted! :) Congrats on your home!

The Rock Chick said...

very nice, Jessica! It looks like it's a good size, too from the pictures! I love the color of the living room! Do you like that? I agree about the border in the kitchen...not too attractive LOL

The back porch is awesome, too! I'm so excited for you guys! When do you move in????


Sarge Charlie said...

and another milestone in your life, looks great to me.

Chelsea Rae said...

Very exciting!! Congratulations! Judah is going to have a blast in the backyard!!

Crystal said...

Ooh it looks great! You're going to LOVE going from an apartment to a house. It looks big too. I'm jealous! LOL Our house has gotten small over the past two years. No one told me that houses shrink. ;o)

Bethany said...

Now why would you want to paint those burgundy walls?? ;) It looks like you'll have plenty of space in your new house and it looks beautiful! How many bedrooms does it have total?

Anonymous said...

Very nice house although the room with the fireplace is really the Family Room. There is a special product you can get for cleaning the smoke stains on the brick off the fireplace. It comes off like a charm.

The Dining Room is the other end of the Living Room. Note the centre light fixture which would hang above the table. Also it is just off the kitchen and opens onto the deck. Enjoy your new home!

Mel's Mom said...

How fun! I'm with Mel, keep us posted to the progress!!

Mel's Mom said...

How fun! I'm with Mel, keep us posted to the progress!!

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