Prayer request

Natalie just told me about a terrible accident involving people from her school.
The details are here. Keep the students and families in your prayers!!


One year

Our anniversary was very nice =) I had the flu and Paul had drill, but he was able to be home by 5:30, and we had a good evening together =) We were given a grill yesterday (yay!) so Paul did steaks and burgers on it. Yumm! We'd also bought a chocolate pecan pie and some very good icecream. Chocolate pecan pie is the best!!! I think we're 20 pounds heavier now, but it was so worth it!!! =)
We're thinking every year we'll do the traditional anniversary gifts. I made Paul a mini-scrapbook of our first year together, and he bought me a picture frame with rice paper in the glass and a big 'basket' of bath gels. So fun! =)

For some reason I can't load any pictures right now... oh well. I have posted plenty of wedding pictures in the past =) Ya'll remember what we looked like! =)


Our one year is tomorrow!!

More pictures at a more decent hour!


Caleb & the ladies

Thoughts spinning through my head….

Joe Mikhael and Mr. Attwood were both remarkable and challenging speakers. In the two days they covered ‘The Failures of The Old Testament’, ‘Nehemiah’, ‘Spiritual Sacrifices’, and ‘1 Peter.’ It was a lot to take in!! These are a few of the quotes or thoughts that have been running through my head:

-We as sinful people are what’s wrong with the world. If we are the problem we cannot be the solution.

-We should be people of praise. If you are praising constantly then it will be easy to praise instantly.

-The church is not for man to design to his whim and wishes. It is God’s house and we are to be in reverence and respect it.

-Are we moved with compassion to the point of tears for the people of God?

-Someone who is willing to take ownership for their sins will make a powerful leader.

-In order to be able to respond in a godly manner when you are in an uncomfortable situation you must be in constant communication with God.

-Don’t underestimate the value of your testimony.

-Use what you have available to you for the glory of God.

-God isn’t going to ask us to do anything miraculous. He will perform the miraculous. He just wants us to be partakers of His work.

A story from Grandpa

I admire my grandparents so much. They have been serving the Lord in Nigeria, West Africa for over fifty years now! When I was over there in '03 and '04 I had the chance to get to know them and to hear some of the things they had witnessed during their time there. Unfortunately I did not write much of it down! =( But today I stumbled across a story Grandpa told me that I did write down, so I thought I would type it out as he told it to me;

"A tall, dignified Nigeria man had been told the gospel and understood it, but would not believe it for himself. He knew it was all true, and I didn't know why he wouldn't come to the Truth.
I asked him one time 'Why won't you accept this truth? Is there something in my life that is not consistent with the Bible?'
'No!' he replied immediately.
'Well then', I asked again, 'Is it because of your son?' His son and daughter were both believers.
'No, not my son,' he answered.
'Something with your daughter?' I asked.
'No, nothing with her' he responded.
'Then what is it that is holding you back?' I asked.
'Well, I will tell you,' he finally said. 'I am the oldest man in the village, as was my father. When my father died he made me promise to keep the traditions and sacrifices, and it is because of this promise that I can not accept Christ.'
God reminded me of the story of Lazarus and the rich man, and so I told the story to the man and explained to him that his father would not want him to keep the promise and end up in a place as horrible as he was in.
Nothing happened that day, but I was told, after he died, that when he was on his death bed he had all the idols he had given out collected and burned, and that he proclaimed Christ as his Savior."


"I wanna walk like you, talk like you"... cook like you too...

I am in awe of my husband and his many talents! =) He can make anything in the kitchen as well as, or better, than me. It is so much fun having a husband that can cook and create things in the kitchen. I'll admit (and shhh! don't tell him) some of his things are just weird. Or too spicy. But he makes amazing bread, and the best pizza I have ever had (and I have had alot of pizza!!) Most mornings he makes me breakfast (though I do sit at the table to eat it!! So it's not breakfast in bed... but that sure is a good idea...)
Tonight he was in a baking mood and made delicious double chocolate and marshmellow cookies and he also made chocolate covered coffee beans. He is already regretting having made those as I have eaten alot of them and will be bouncing off the walls tonight when he is trying to sleep. =)


I saw this sunset on my way home last night and stopped to get some pictures.

"Being together and Sweet Fellowship"

I got home last night about 9pm after an amazing six days with family and friends. It was such a fun trip!!!
Great speakers, fun times, yummy food, good memories.

The Easter conference was back at Martin Grove this year =) It was great seeing people that I hadn't seen in awhile. The speakers were excellent, and I really enjoyed their messages.

Sunday the youth group did an amazing Easter production. I was very impressed.

I left Stouffville yesterday about 1, dropped Amanda off at her place in Hamilton, then continued on my way, getting home just before 9. I love long drives SO much!! =)

It was great to get back here to Paul again - I missed him so much!!

I think I am still too tired to write intelligently, but I promised pics to a bunch of people, so here they are:

The girlies
~Alison, Jessica, me, Amanda, Esther~

It has been AGES since we had seen Alison!!
We had to take a picture since our last one of us together was... well... 'nough said.


Saturday night a group of us decided to go out to Williams Coffee Pub.

Ben tried taking a group picture of us, and it didn't quite work!
The nice waitress came over and took the second one for us!

~Ben, Essie, Ryan, Andrea, me, Manda~

Much better!!


Sunday night at D.Q.

Spenny, Andrew, Priscilla, Gail, Dave, Amanda, me

Sarah, Andrea, Amy, Danielle, Tim, Stephen

Essie, Ryan, Carolyn, Ben


The subject of this post was in honor of the 'sweet jokes' with Ryan!! Hehe... sick minded people...


From my childhood bedroom....

SURPRISE!!! I managed to pull off a surprise 'day early' visit up here!! Paul and Manda were the only ones to know that I was going to be driving up. I had a rather late start to my day, leaving about two in the afternoon. But it was an enjoyable drive - bouncing and singing along to loud music, and when I got bored of that I listed to a Mary Jane Clark book on cd - why would someone write books under the name of Mary Jane Clark when there is a Mary Higgins Clark?! I was disappointed in the quality of the book, and quite surprised at the dramatic writing style change... til my sissy pointed out that it wasn't Mary Higgins Clark I was listening to, but Mary Jane Clark. Oh the complexities of life.

I am rather hyped about this week. It is sad that my darlin' can't be here with me... he is in Ohio still working away, poor dude. I am super excited about the conference - Mr. Atwood and Joe Mikhael are the speakers, both excellent Bible teachers.



Our trip

Our trip was amazing!!!

It didn't start out too well - with three hours sleep Thursday night, a rainy morning, a car that wouldn't start, making it to the airport with only minutes to spare, Paul's name being on the 'most wanted' list, resulting in him being both frisked and having an extra long and thorough search done at security, severe motion sickness on the flight... who in their right mind could call that fun?

Once we got to Phoenix everything got better. A sunny day. Eighty degree weather. An upgrade to a Jeep. And beautiful scenery.

We took our time driving from Phoenix to Lake Havasu. So much to see along the way!! We spent Friday night sleeping in the back of the Jeep in a Walmart parking lot. Not the best idea if you're hoping to get a good nights sleep. But it was fun, and provided many great memories.

Saturday we hung out in Lake Havasu City. We went swimming in the Colorado River, did some site seeing, and drove through the neighborhoods admiring the gorgeous homes and lawn work!
Saturday afternoon we headed to Las Vegas. We spent the evening walking the Strip. Saturday night was spent in the Jeep again, this time sleeping in the parking lot of a 24 hour diner.

Sunday we took our time driving back to Phoenix. We went by the Hoover Dam, and stopped by a 'beach' we discovered at the end of a long, winding road.

We drove a total of 695 miles!! It was pretty sweet, the speed limit is 75 mph on some roads, though trafic was almost a consistant 85 mph. We got up to speeds of 100 mph... which was probably my favourite part of the trip!! I love driving fast!!

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Us in Las Vegas

Cute little us on the side of the road
We followed a hiking trail for a bit

Hunky hubby in Vegas
I had fun with 'sun glasses' pictures!
Our Jeep
A couple more sunglasses pictures!

I found this heart shaped stone... aww!


Emergency underwear

We are just about all ready to go!!! WOOHOO!! In seven hours we will be on our flight to the dessert sun! Our bags are all packed, we just have to pick out some music to put on some cds to listen to on our trip - then we're set! In the process of packing I learnt an interesting thing about my husband. He is one of those emergency packers. Not just that, he is an "emergency planning for an emergency for an emergency" packers. He has packed, and insisted on keeping packed, ELEVEN pairs of underwear. For one weekend. All I can say is that he gets to do laundry on Monday =)


In honor of 'Nelly'

When I was little I had a life size baby doll named Nelly. She somehow got lost, and I mourned the loss of her throughout my childhood. Now that I am completely over Nelly, my mum reveals her secret talent - she can make Nelly look alikes!!

These are two of the dolls my talented momma has made (the one on the left now has a face!!)
I think they are so adorable =)What a great new business!! "Nelly dolls"!! =)

We're outta here!!

Woohoo - vacation time is nearly here and I can't wait!! Friday morning we are leaving for Phoenix, Arizona. Our flight leaves at 6 am. Then we will be back here 9am Monday morning. We have plans to go to a lake and Las Vegas. But the schedule is open to any cool things we see to do along the way. The weather forecast says it could be as hot as 89!! Sounds perfect! We are so ready for a vacation. Sunday night we spent our evening making shapes out of the bumpy things on our ceiling, and then playing chubby bunny with each other. Paul won.

On Friday I won something from another radio station... I am just not quite sure what I won!! I think it is gift cards to Brown Bag Burger - but I don't know how much. I heard the woman say "Call now! I will take called 9..." So I called, and was number 9! I just have to go downtown and pick up my prize.


Trivia game

I woke up this morning to a very annoying chirping bird. I wanted to shoot it. But I didn't.

I found a cool site that lets you host trivia games. Each day is a different trivia question. You register, and it will keep track of the winner. How cool is that? Check it out here:

For future reference, it will be with all my other links, at the bottom of this site (for some reason I just can't keep those links at the top!!)


April Fools!!

I pulled a great joke on Paul. He is with the reserves for the day, so I sent him a text message that said "A Mrs. Beahr called for you and said it was urgent and for you to call her back asap." Then I included the phone number to the zoo!! Haha. He called the number and got the automated message for the zoo. What a great joke =)
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