We're outta here!!

Woohoo - vacation time is nearly here and I can't wait!! Friday morning we are leaving for Phoenix, Arizona. Our flight leaves at 6 am. Then we will be back here 9am Monday morning. We have plans to go to a lake and Las Vegas. But the schedule is open to any cool things we see to do along the way. The weather forecast says it could be as hot as 89!! Sounds perfect! We are so ready for a vacation. Sunday night we spent our evening making shapes out of the bumpy things on our ceiling, and then playing chubby bunny with each other. Paul won.

On Friday I won something from another radio station... I am just not quite sure what I won!! I think it is gift cards to Brown Bag Burger - but I don't know how much. I heard the woman say "Call now! I will take called 9..." So I called, and was number 9! I just have to go downtown and pick up my prize.


AndyandJenelle said...

how exciting and fun!

your momma! said...

What is a chubby bunny??? do I even want to know??? Have fun on your trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Something that your aunt and uncle found out while in Phoenix. Dont get stuck like we did. They do not rent cars on Sunday or receive them back. Have a great time and let us know how it goes on your vacation. I too would like to know what a chubby bunny is.


Jessica Morris said...

Chubby bunny is when you stick several marshmellows in your mouth and then say "chubby bunny." You continue sticking more and more marshmellows in your mouth, saying "chubby bunny" each time you add more. The point is to see who can fit the most marshmellows in their mouth!

Essie said...

so, do you know yet what you won? I will miss our weekly phone call this saturday:'(

Lovely youngest bron of Jess said...

wow! shapes on the cieling? what an adrenailine rush!!!! i can't imagine how fun&exciting that would be! and chubby bunny! wow! what an eventfull evening! :0=chubby bunny



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