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Joe Mikhael and Mr. Attwood were both remarkable and challenging speakers. In the two days they covered ‘The Failures of The Old Testament’, ‘Nehemiah’, ‘Spiritual Sacrifices’, and ‘1 Peter.’ It was a lot to take in!! These are a few of the quotes or thoughts that have been running through my head:

-We as sinful people are what’s wrong with the world. If we are the problem we cannot be the solution.

-We should be people of praise. If you are praising constantly then it will be easy to praise instantly.

-The church is not for man to design to his whim and wishes. It is God’s house and we are to be in reverence and respect it.

-Are we moved with compassion to the point of tears for the people of God?

-Someone who is willing to take ownership for their sins will make a powerful leader.

-In order to be able to respond in a godly manner when you are in an uncomfortable situation you must be in constant communication with God.

-Don’t underestimate the value of your testimony.

-Use what you have available to you for the glory of God.

-God isn’t going to ask us to do anything miraculous. He will perform the miraculous. He just wants us to be partakers of His work.

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