From my childhood bedroom....

SURPRISE!!! I managed to pull off a surprise 'day early' visit up here!! Paul and Manda were the only ones to know that I was going to be driving up. I had a rather late start to my day, leaving about two in the afternoon. But it was an enjoyable drive - bouncing and singing along to loud music, and when I got bored of that I listed to a Mary Jane Clark book on cd - why would someone write books under the name of Mary Jane Clark when there is a Mary Higgins Clark?! I was disappointed in the quality of the book, and quite surprised at the dramatic writing style change... til my sissy pointed out that it wasn't Mary Higgins Clark I was listening to, but Mary Jane Clark. Oh the complexities of life.

I am rather hyped about this week. It is sad that my darlin' can't be here with me... he is in Ohio still working away, poor dude. I am super excited about the conference - Mr. Atwood and Joe Mikhael are the speakers, both excellent Bible teachers.


ShawnCuthill.com said...

See you there! :)

Paul Morris said...

Hope you're having a great time there love, say hello to everyone for me and that I miss them. I miss you so much here. Enjoy your time, but hurry home to me soon;-).
I love you

Ally said...

Yes, I have to say I was COMPLETELY shocked to see you walk out of the conference with Manda. I was kind of expecting her there, but wasn't sure with school ect., and there you both were, like we were back in grade 9. So surreal! Joe Mikhael is just an amazing speaker, really really enjoyed him. Just a little sad with schoolwork that I couldn't come on day two to hear the rest.
I missed the Markham band a bit, they always did a good job.

Anyways Jess, I'm so glad you came, publish those pictures so I can scoop them up! :o)

Much love,

JoJoBarnett said...

Hey Jess! I saw you at the conference, but I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say hi. Glad you could make it!

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