"Being together and Sweet Fellowship"

I got home last night about 9pm after an amazing six days with family and friends. It was such a fun trip!!!
Great speakers, fun times, yummy food, good memories.

The Easter conference was back at Martin Grove this year =) It was great seeing people that I hadn't seen in awhile. The speakers were excellent, and I really enjoyed their messages.

Sunday the youth group did an amazing Easter production. I was very impressed.

I left Stouffville yesterday about 1, dropped Amanda off at her place in Hamilton, then continued on my way, getting home just before 9. I love long drives SO much!! =)

It was great to get back here to Paul again - I missed him so much!!

I think I am still too tired to write intelligently, but I promised pics to a bunch of people, so here they are:

The girlies
~Alison, Jessica, me, Amanda, Esther~

It has been AGES since we had seen Alison!!
We had to take a picture since our last one of us together was... well... 'nough said.


Saturday night a group of us decided to go out to Williams Coffee Pub.

Ben tried taking a group picture of us, and it didn't quite work!
The nice waitress came over and took the second one for us!

~Ben, Essie, Ryan, Andrea, me, Manda~

Much better!!


Sunday night at D.Q.

Spenny, Andrew, Priscilla, Gail, Dave, Amanda, me

Sarah, Andrea, Amy, Danielle, Tim, Stephen

Essie, Ryan, Carolyn, Ben


The subject of this post was in honor of the 'sweet jokes' with Ryan!! Hehe... sick minded people...


Essie said...

Great Pictures! I loved seeing you again! Can't wait for May to come!!!:)

ben said...

Found your blog!
nice pictures. too bad we don't
have any of our "other" guests
at Williams. So Esther says your
coming back in May, is it the
whole family (Paul) this time?


Jessica Morris said...

Hi Ben! =)
I will be back in May, but Paul won't be =( He has field training, so rather than be here alone, I am going up to be with my family. Markhams C&C are having a sports day over the long weekend, you should come to it!

Paul Morris said...

yeah this time she's coming up because I'm leaving her! And anyways Mom didn't send me cookies back with Jessica so I don't know that I even want to this time even if I could!! (Jessica does try to reassure me that it's her fault and not anything to do with how mom feels about me...) I find it rather hard to believe though seeing as mom hasn't called me or emailed me in soooooo long!!I definitely feel the lack of love... morrisp@equityconsultants.com drop me a line anytime mom...

P.S. thanks so much for the b-day gifts mom and dad! contrary to what Jessica may think a proper gift is... I love tools and can never have to many, I'm one of those people who won't buy them for myself, so I rely on other people to do it for me.

Paul Morris said...

nice to hear you made it;-). Heard you met some more of the family there... wish I could've been there to see everyone too. hope things are going well for you bro.

Amanda said...

Hey Jess... thanks for the pic. Should them to Craig... liked them. Oh... and I am a beautiful flower! Hehehehehe... much love!

mum said...

Seeing Paul insulted me publicly, I'm certainly NOT sending him a private e mail!! I HAD made choc chip cookies for you and YOUR WIFE forgot them...maybe she ate them!
(Are we suppose to use up Jessica's no-life blog space like this???)

Paul Morris said...

Think of the thousands of people who will be entertained at our words? We're probably affecting a whole generation of cookie lovers mum... a whole generation... thats motivation enough to talk about "has been" cookie days...

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