One year

Our anniversary was very nice =) I had the flu and Paul had drill, but he was able to be home by 5:30, and we had a good evening together =) We were given a grill yesterday (yay!) so Paul did steaks and burgers on it. Yumm! We'd also bought a chocolate pecan pie and some very good icecream. Chocolate pecan pie is the best!!! I think we're 20 pounds heavier now, but it was so worth it!!! =)
We're thinking every year we'll do the traditional anniversary gifts. I made Paul a mini-scrapbook of our first year together, and he bought me a picture frame with rice paper in the glass and a big 'basket' of bath gels. So fun! =)

For some reason I can't load any pictures right now... oh well. I have posted plenty of wedding pictures in the past =) Ya'll remember what we looked like! =)


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