A story from Grandpa

I admire my grandparents so much. They have been serving the Lord in Nigeria, West Africa for over fifty years now! When I was over there in '03 and '04 I had the chance to get to know them and to hear some of the things they had witnessed during their time there. Unfortunately I did not write much of it down! =( But today I stumbled across a story Grandpa told me that I did write down, so I thought I would type it out as he told it to me;

"A tall, dignified Nigeria man had been told the gospel and understood it, but would not believe it for himself. He knew it was all true, and I didn't know why he wouldn't come to the Truth.
I asked him one time 'Why won't you accept this truth? Is there something in my life that is not consistent with the Bible?'
'No!' he replied immediately.
'Well then', I asked again, 'Is it because of your son?' His son and daughter were both believers.
'No, not my son,' he answered.
'Something with your daughter?' I asked.
'No, nothing with her' he responded.
'Then what is it that is holding you back?' I asked.
'Well, I will tell you,' he finally said. 'I am the oldest man in the village, as was my father. When my father died he made me promise to keep the traditions and sacrifices, and it is because of this promise that I can not accept Christ.'
God reminded me of the story of Lazarus and the rich man, and so I told the story to the man and explained to him that his father would not want him to keep the promise and end up in a place as horrible as he was in.
Nothing happened that day, but I was told, after he died, that when he was on his death bed he had all the idols he had given out collected and burned, and that he proclaimed Christ as his Savior."

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