The two weeks in a nut shell

I am back in Ohio with Paul =) I drove back on Tuesday and had a fun trip back. I am easily amused... At a store I saw a woman who so obviously belonged to the Red Hat Society. (Which was exciting to me!!)
While I was driving a dude in the car next to me was doing a crossword puzzle - as he drove!!
And when I stopped for a drink at a gas station I saw a guy shop lifting. I told management but I didn't hang around to see what security did because the guy knew I saw him, and I didn't want him to do anything to me!!

Paul's flight got in Tuesday night at 9:50. He was very tired, and took Wednesday and Thursday off work.

My trip up north was good =) I had lots of fun. Aunt Polly spoiled me with a cheesecake. Yum.
I was able to visit with lots of people, though still not everyone I had hoped to.
The C&C sports day was great with 48 people out to play soccer and ultimate frisbee. I even played Ultimate for a bit. Frisbee is my new love.
And of course the highlight of the two weeks being sitting outside Wonderland Sunday night for 45 minutes in the cold wind and light rain with the small little group that made it out to that.
Though a close second to that would be discovering "Corner Gas" - the funniest and coolest show ever!! I love it. I am hooked.

I am now all pumped about the trip to NC next weekend. The Wheeler's are arriving there soon (today or tomorrow.) I can't wait!!!

I am off to work now...


PNoel said...

Just thought I'd drop in and say HI! Miss you guys and hope you are finding joy and abundance in the journey. I wish you guys where going to be here for our hermeneutics class we are about to start. Heck I just wish you guys where here! We are enjoying the mission work and getting ready to do a rehab for a needy family and then taking a group to mexico in jule, and the overseas in october. so busy busy, but anyways, when are you guys coming to see us?

Caleb said...

she makes it sound like the wonderland xperiance was bad, but we saw Shania Twain and celine dion! and they were handing out free kids... jess didn't want one cuz there 2 hard to house-train. lol, j\k!
anywho it was gr8 to have u down and i look forward to when u can come down gain.(or would u come up?)(or would it be an odd diagonal line?)

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