Goodnight Moon

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For being such an independant person I have THE hardest time falling asleep when I am on my own. Last night I didn't fall asleep till just after two in the morning, and right now it is midnight and I am no where near ready to fall asleep. My imagination is just a little too creative and I end up freaking myself out over any and all noises that I might hear... or even make up in my mind.

I am almost out of things to occupy my time with... so with the hope of putting myself to sleep I am sitting here blogging. I found the coolest picture from the "GOODNIGHT MOON" book that seemed appropriate for this blog.

I really don't get why kids find this book so great. But all the little kids I know that own this book LOVE it. I like it because it's easy reading. YAY for easy reading books at nap or bed time!

Paul is currently in Louisianna. He isn't suppose to use his cell phone at all, but he has called me a couple times already. There are about 150 of them in a huge circus sized tent. And it is very hot. I don't envy any of them that are there!!!

I spent the day at the Doeringer's - Chase (4yrs) went with Scott and me to some of the houses Scott had to check on and we had some great conversation!! He is the funniest kid.
He told me he was hungry, so I gave him a small piece of my sandwich - about three bites worth.
He took one bite and then handed it back to me.
I said "Oh Chase, that whole thing was for you. I don't mind if you eat it."
He said "I don't mind that you don't mind, but I don't want it thank you."

Then awhile later he said to me "Jessica, how come you've never invited me over to your house?"
I said "I never knew you wanted to come over Chase. What would you like to do at my house?"
He said "Oh (sigh) anything. I would make you breakfast, help you make lunch and supper. Maybe help you make the bed. And give you a back scratch."
I made a mental note to make sure to invite that kid over LOTS!! =)

I got back to the apartment just after 8, and watched a little bit of American Inventor while matching socks. I don't know how two people can own so many pairs of socks. A basket was full of mismatched socks - and our drawers have never run out of matched ones!! If anyone ever wants a pair of used socks, feel free to ask Paul or myself for a pair!!
Anyways... American Inventor... I can see a "Canadian Inventor" in the near future. Maybe there already is such a show??? I don't know. I think it's a cool show. It's down to the final four - who will win? I don't even know who to pick!! They have all played with my emotions and made me feel badly for them. As for the actual "coolest" invention... it would have to be between the baby thing and the bike. Probably the bike. But I might change my mind tomorrow. The football thing was pretty sweet. And the game looked like fun! Funny how it was all men in the end...

I am almost already to drive up to Stouffville tomorrow!! HURRAY!! I am so excited. And we are getting rid of our station wagon... so the hunt is on for a new car - a smaller car that is much more gas efficient. Much, much more gas efficient.

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Essie said...

Next time you are tired, I would not suggest blogging:-p you were all over the place with your thoughts;) C'ya in a few hours!!!

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