Customer Service

At the market I only buy from one woman. She told me if I was good to her she would be good to me.
Meaning I buy my fruits and veggies only from her and she would give me the best produce she had for the best price.
I went to see her today to pick up a few different fruits. While I was looking over some of her things another woman (who was dressed rather poorly, had unruly hair and was dragging three dirty children along with her) walks up and rudely asks/demands to be able to pick out the fruit that she wants to buy because "I only want the best and you won't be able to pick that out for me, so can I pick out what I want?"
The seller told her that she can't pick out what she wants, she has to take what she gives her. When the woman wandered off (after grumbling and not buying anything) I asked the seller why she said that to the woman when she lets me pick and choose what I want.
Her response was "Trash deserves trash." Wow. That was harsh. I am glad I am in her good books.

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