Friday,May 12

Yesterday was quite the day. I think it was officially the worst day of my life to date. It started with the noises that kept me up until 3 in the morning. Then I was awoken at 8 am, and got up and finished my packing and house cleaning. I had to pull our bikes and grill into the apartment, and it had poured rain throughout Thursday night, so everything was soaking wet. I should have known that with a start like that it would have been better to of stayed in bed…

But I didn’t. I headed on my merry little way about noon. Unfortunately for me it wasn’t an uneventful day. About 3 I stopped for gas and the car wouldn’t start back up again. I sat at the gas station for 45 minutes until a rough and tough looking biker dude offered to help me out. He got the car started, so I continued on my drive up north.

Then the window broke. The drivers window got stuck half way up – and would not budge!! I bundled up with a hoodie and a jacket, and put the heater up on high.

Then it started to rain. I had to sit under a bridge until the rain let up.

By then I had to pee really badly, but I couldn’t go inside anywhere since the window was down – I didn’t want to leave my things accessible to people. So I pulled behind a Wal-mart and pee-ed outside. Noticing a little too late that the spot I picked was within site of the highway. Hopefully no one was looking!!!

By the time I got to my parents it was 9:30 – a nine and a half hour drive!! (It should be just six hours.) But the adventure wasn’t over for me…

I got food poisoning from a burger and I was up all night long throwing up. I didn’t much sleep, and I am now exhausted and weak. What a way to start my vacation!!

I was able to talk with Paul this morning. He had just gotten off from a 26 hour shift!! Yikes. Sounds like his day was just about as bad as mine was!!! But he now gets a 12 hour break, and then will start the night shift and from now on he will work 12 hours on then 12 hours off.


eder4jesus@yahoo.com said...

So sorry to hear your worst day. Anyway, glad you made it safely to Stouffville. Give my regards to your family.

CALEB said...

yes, you made it hear, then you went home, and haven't listed anymore postS!! please, i need some humor in my life! post something, anything!


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