Should be cleaning...

It is almost embarrassing to post this... but we have won something else this week. Actually, two some things! We really DON'T pay people to let us win!! =)
The first thing we won was from a radio station and it was two tickets to a screening of a movie. That should be lots of fun =) It looks like a good movie, though I forget right now what it is called!
The other thing we won was from a cafe that drew Paul's name, and he won a meal there for up to 15 people. Pretty cool, huh? Would you believe that I almost never won anything before in my life? And Paul never won anything either. But since October we've won SO much...
* $50 gift card to The Cheesecake Factory
* $30 worth of dairy products
* Two tickets to the Globetrotters game (good seats too!)
* $50 gift card to the spa (twice!! So $100 total!)
* 8 tickets to the Gaither concert
* 4 tickets to see Chonda Pierce
But the biggest thing we want to win is a contest at Paul's work where they send the winner to NYC with an all expense paid trip and some spending money. NYC is my dream city, and Paul, Esther and Amanda have all been there. How unfair is it that I, who have wanted to go since I was 12, haven't been? We have probably stretched our winning abilities to the limit for our lifetime, but I am still hoping. NYC would be a blast! Especially with money =)

I will keep ya'll posted on that.

Saturday was tons of fun. We got up early and went over to the airport to check out what to do with our free flight voucher that we got last year right after the wedding when we gave up our seats. We got a number to call to make reservations... now to decide where to go!! Any ideas? Any where within the continental USA. We are leaning towards Florida, maybe Daytona. After the airport we drove around Cleveland taking pictures and exploring new roads. Then we stopped off at the West Side Market. They had strawberries for $1! I couldn't tell you the size, but everywhere else is selling the same size for $2.50 and up, so it was a great deal, and they taste really good =) Paul bought some really good beef jerky, and I bought chocolate covered pretzels and Gerbera daisies. They only had two left - orange and pink! Here they are:

After the market we went to the library to pick out some things to read and then went to a coffee shop to read. My new hobby! =) Except I wasn't able to read as there was a man right behind me who owned a business that offered wedding planners, djs and photographers and he was trying to sell the works to a lady. I was highly entertained by his elaborate sales pitch and was unable to focus on my book. Here is Paul at the coffee shop with his book and coffee. He's looking a little scruffy, but it's cute =)

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SweetLittleErin said...

I love the daisies! As soon as I finish my flowerbed I am getting some! Oh and you have inspired me to start scrapbooking! However, I will not allow myself to but any supplies until I do my dishes and laundry. I have let my house go so bad last week. So I am hurrying home afterwork to start cleaning so I can play!!! I'll share my work with ya!

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