Adventures with Icy Hot

My muscles are so sore. This weight training stuff is intense. My daily relief is my bottle of Icy Hot just before bed. It is some good stuff! And works wonders on the stiff muscles. I slather it on pretty thick, and then pile on the hoodies and blankets, as I end up shivering from the cold!! But my muscles do relax, and I am able to sleep.
Other than last night.
I somehow managed to get a piece of hair in my mouth. Paul was fast asleep - so he was no help and trying to "lick" it onto the pillow wasn't working.
I had to stick my fingers in my mouth to find the hair.
Only I couldn't find it right away.
It took a while.
I ended up with the burning cold all over my lips and tongue for the rest of the night.
Not a good sensation.


your mum who doesn't always wish to admit it!!! said...

And you think bloggers are normal, intelligient people?????

Becki said...

lolol! What a most unpleasant sensation!

Essie said...

haha:) Why didn't you wake Paul up?;)

Anonymous said...

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