From the fingers of a lifeless blogger

Today has been a super fun day for me. Not that I really did anything super fun. But I bumped into several interesting people, and that made my day fun. Living vicariously through other people. And to top it off, I am blogging about it. How is that for 'no life'?? Haha. (Caleb had the nerve to tell me that he read somewhere that the more a person blogs the less of a life that person has. I love you too brother dear.)

My morning consisted of me making up excuses to myself why I shouldn't go to the gym. It's amazing the excuses I came up with. But finally, at 2, I decided to go to the gym. It has to be done. If I didn't go on my own, then Paul would drag me there with him tonight, and I would miss my weekly appointment with The Apprentice. So I went on my own.
I have never done the free weights room on my own before. I have always followed Paul around, doing as he instructed me to do. And I have always gone about 9pm, when the room is packed with people of both sexes.

Who knew that 2 o'clock on Mondays the only people in the weight room are massive men with nothing else to do but get even massiver?? (I just made up that word :) I was the only female in that weight room. And by far the smallest person. (What a way to feel good about yourself!!) While I was there lifting my, what?, maybe 30 pounds, these men are doing 200 pounds and up. What a hoot.

I couldn't find one of the benches I needed, and was standing in the room looking completely confused. This huge black man asked me what I was looking for. I didnt know the name of the bench, it's just one that your feet are in the air, and your head near the ground and then you lift the weights up in that position. He was roaring with laughter at my description of that bench. But he found the bench for me =)

While driving with my window down I was waiting for a red light to change and this boy no more than 11 years old (who was on the sidewalk with his friends) called out to me and told me I was a "hot babe." Hmm. What was I to have said? "Thanks kid"?? "You made my day"?? "Grow up"?? I decided the best response was to stick my tongue out at him. After all, a mature comment requires a mature action, right? He got a sheepish look on his face.

On my way home I saw a "hiring full time" sign outside this flower shop. It's right by our place, and since I am not working, I thought I would go in and get an application. If Leah Mayo could work at a flower shop with no prior experience, I could, right?! The woman who gave me the application thought I was a nut case to ask for an application with no prior experience. So maybe that's not the job for me!! Her response to finding out I had no experience was humorous though, and worth the stop in for an application. I don't know that I will even both filling out the application. I can't keep any of our house plants alive.


Anonymous said...

If you do fill out the application- don't tell them that last part: that you can't keep your house plants alive. :)

Talk to you later!


Ally said...

Alright, so if people who blog have no social life...does that mean that people who post comments have even LESS of a life? Like...a negative social life.
I think I post stuff so much because it's a great procratination tool for school. You make good excuses for house keeping, I make them for schoolwork.

Jessica Morris said...

Excellent point Al!! To add to that thought people who bring up blogs in conversations (*cough* Caleb) have even LESS of a social life than those who blog and those who post comments on blogs!! Interesting thought...
And feel free to procrastinate on here anytime... I enjoy your comments =)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Essie said...

Jessi, you make me laugh! Great thing after a psychology class!

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