Double date and Rubbermaid seat

Last night was great fun - "stinkin' hilarious" I should say. It was the Chonda Pierce "concert" (she is a comedian, so I am not sure what to call it! A 'show'?!) We had won four tickets to it, so we invited Scott and Mindy to go along with us. The four of us (plus baby Grant) had a really good evening together. Chonda Pierce was funny for the most part. A bit long. Some strange beliefs. But it was a good evening out with Paul, Scott and Mindy. And the late night dinner at Chipotles was very good! Yum!!

We had Chris, Barb and JC Schroder and Davis for lunch today. With Paul and me that made 6. And we, for some odd reason, only have 5 chairs for our table. We forgot to pick up an extra chair at the chapel, and our trusty-borrow-it-all-from-them neighbors were out for lunch. So that left us to "invent" a make-shift chair. It ended up being a rubbermaid container with one of our African beanie chairs on top of it!! It was hilarious. I think we should perhaps invest in a chair!! Ah well, good memories!

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