An addiction

Jen Goodstadt has made me an addict. Though it is not an addiction that I really mind.
http://www.gymboree.com has the cutest baby clothes. After nearly a year of not going near that store (since there has been no Emma or Sarah in the picture for that long now) I have never had a reason to go in. But last night was hubby and my date night. And we ended up strolling through the mall. And *voila* we ended up right by Gymboree!! And since we were right outside of it, we might as well go in!! I loved it =) Every thing in that store is adorable. And over priced. Sigh. The downfall to name brand clothes.
It was very funny though as the over eager sales clerk came to welcome us to the store and to let us know she would be more than happy to assist us in spending our money in her store. I told her straight out that we didn't have any kids, weren't expecting any kids, and were not buying for anyone else. I simply like to look at the clothes. She definitely thought I was strange, but she left us alone after that!! And Paul had fun in there. He was picking out outfits... whales and frogs were appearantly big last season as they were all on the sale racks =)


Erin said...

I love looking at baby clothes. When we walk through WalMart I always stop and go "awwww." My best friend is having a baby (due next month) and its all I can do to refrain from buying every little girl outfit in every store!!

Becki said...

Ooooh! Me too! I love looking at baby clothes. One of my favorite places online to look is... well, I thought I had had it in my favorites! I can't find it now, but this one is similar - http://www.ollypop.com/. Again, fabulously overpriced!

Becki said...

Ha! I found it!

Crystal said...

I love looking at baby clothes too! Back when I was super baby crazy I couldn't stand it, seeing even the baby section at WalMart would make me want to cry.

Thankfully I'm not like that anymore. lol

Kristin said...

I love looking at baby clothes too! Now that I'm pregnant I have to literally force myself not to buy things. We don't need anything now and I know we'll get tons of gifts. Still, I just want some of those cute little things!

I think it's neat that your hubby likes to do it too!

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