I did something new, scary and thoroughly out of my element. 
I submitted some of my photography to a store to be sold.

The last few months I have discovered some interesting things about myself, top among them being insecurities about my photography. 

When I was in Charleston I spent an entire day taking pictures of things - the beach, the buildings - objects that were just there. I realized in taking all the pictures of things that I enjoyed it much more than I enjoy taking pictures of people because there was no risk of disappointing people with subpar photography.
I was pretty surprised to discover those hidden insecurities. But they are there. And they are real. 

Since realizing my insecurities I have decided to do something about them - and thus, in part, my search to find a store that would carry my photography. 
I feel very much out of my element - out of control. Vulnerable to other peoples criticism. Exposed. 

It's hard to acknowledge my insecurities. 
It is harder still to tackle them and decide to do something about it.
It feels - weird.
And I don't particularly like it.

And I hope the weird feeling passes quickly.

I shared that submitting my photography was in part to aid me in getting out of my comfort and "safe" zone - the other part of it is because Paul and I have started a year long challenge with each other. We've dubbed it "The $20 Bill Challenge" and I am so excited about it! I will share more in depth about it later this week.

But until then - I want to know:
How have you pushed yourself out of your "comfort zone"?
And did it feel weird?


Empty Nest Full Life said...

I realized, that I am somewhat of a hermit. I have never opened my home, and it struck me how awful that was. Mostly I felt that things would never be perfect enough, pretty enough, stylish enough, and the list could go on. I knew this year that the Lord has put some things on my heart to change all that, so last month I had a group of ladies, some that I don't know very well at all to my house for a ladies night out, and will be doing the same thing next week, and plan to continue having folks in on a regular basis, and yes, for me this seems wierd, but I should have done this a long time ago. I have so much fun when I do it, and get such a blessing from doing it. Next week for the meal, we are having breakfast, and sort of a muffin exchange. Now how's that for some insecurities. Jackie

Anonymous said...

I joined the gym...yikes! What a big step out of comfort zone this has been. I am so insecure about my weight that the thought of being in a gym with fit and firm people was enough to send me into a panic attack (not really, but close). So I have taken this huge step to do something about my weight and overcome this insecurity. Something that I have realized is that there are more "normal" bodies than fit/firm at the gym.

Jessica said...

With my insecurities and anxiety, it's really out of my comfort zone every time I leave the house....post on my blog.....get onstage at church. It's scary and horrifying and intimidating.....and the only way to grow.

Good for you.

Anne said...

I totally hear where you're coming from. I struggle with insecurities ALL THE TIME! I had two job interview last week -- "What if I can't do this, what if I fail?" Trying to branch out and sell my jewelry, host a part, or a bevy of other things. The little monster in my head always pops up and tells me I'm not good enough.
And then my dear husband reminds me that with the strength of the Lord beside me, what can man do to me? My hope & Security is found in Him.
So onward I push!

Angela W. said...

I just found this post because of MSM's post on the $20 challenge--which I think is a great idea, BTW. Insecurities about something you obviously have some talent for, hmmm. What better way for Satan to stop you from being all God created you to be? I have a passion to share God's Word and His amazing truth. Burns a hole in me sometimes. And then when I do, even something so small as opening my mouth in a group discussion, I'm plagued by enourmous insecurity--did I say too much, too little, get my point across, sound like a know-it-all, sound like an airhead...oh yes, I can relate to your post. Inspired by you stepping out there and going for it anyway. Maybe it is time I spoke up instead of biting my tongue. Maybe I should try selling some of the jewelry I make. Now that would fit both this post AND the $20 challenge post. :)

Christina said...

I came here from MSM...I just love the picture! Charleston is my favorite place to be...every time we go, I take HUNDREDS of pictures. My husband has tried to encourage me to do the same thing with my photography, but I'm just so unsure about it. And I don't do it for that, I do it for me, for my memories in the future, but just maybe we'll do a challenge like this and I'll do the same! I hope that your photography is very successful. The pic on this post is just BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kayla said...

Every time I've pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, it has been really awkward. Each time has resulted in a far better outcome than I desired, or I learn something about myself [sometimes both]. However, I find myself having to overcome the same obstacles again & again - which I attribute to my struggle with insecurity. I'm currently reading Beth Moore's book, "So Long Insecurity" & it's a real blessing in my life right now.

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