Disc Golf

I mentioned last month that as part of Paul's birthday gift I bought him a set of discs for playing disc golf - I had several people mention that they loved this idea and I fully intended to write more about the subject. Then when Clint from Disc Golf Station sent me an email asking if he could send me some discs in exchange for mentioning his store I had to say yes - disc golf is seriously a cool sport!
I think it is a great social sport. As I said in the first post I don't see myself ever playing it as I lack the skills to throw a Frisbee even a short distance to another person let alone into a basket far away! However the courses I have seen are scenic and beautiful and there is a lot of walking involved, therefore a lot of opportunity to be social and have fun, even if you don't play.

Disc Golf Station has some great resources available on their site that I highly recommend you check if you are interested in purchasing discs for yourself or as a gift for your husband, brother, father, uncle and every other hard to buy for male. For under $20 you can get a couple of discs needed for the game.
Clint recommends a mid range disc and putter disc and he has a great piece written up for disc golf beginners here that really explains everything you need to know.

Another excellent resource is the disc golf videos available on the site to help improve your game. Watching those will give you a much better grasp of the game than I could ever do explaining!


Disc Golf Station offers a large assortment of discs, including floaters - I never knew regular discs didn't float until a friend saw the floating disc I was sent and commented on it. We tested in out in the local pond and it does indeed float.
My favorite thing about Disc Golf Station is that they offer free shipping on every order within the continental US- no minimum purchase! I love when online stores offer this. Not only that, but they ship the orders out same day if the order arrives before 3pm. Nothing beats free and prompt shipping when shopping online!

 As an added bonus you can sign up for the newsletter on www.discgolfstation.com and get a code for 10% off your next order.


Empty Nest Full Life said...

Blaine has had a great time playing disc golf. Thanks for the tips. It might make a good gift for him. Jackie

Deidra said...

Disc golf is huge here in Nebraska! I had never heard about it before we moved here, but there's a tournament with champions and everything. It's serious. And looks like lots of fun!

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