A Painted Headboard

We love Chuck.
We didn't mean to get hooked on it- I mean, it's about a computer nerd who ends up with top secret information - "the intersect" - in his brain. How addicting does that sound? 
But hooked (though slightly behind, so don't leave any spoilers in the comments!!) we are.
And as embarrassing as that might be to admit I have an even more embarrassing thing to confess:

I decided to redo our bedroom after seeing the hotel room Sarah sleeps in on the show. 
The project is not finished, and our room is only inspired by not an exact replica of, however I am quite pleased with how it is turning out!

The first step was to replicate the headboard.
Being on a small budget I decided to use the headboard we currently had and forgo the fabric and use paint instead.

Our entire bedroom set (which is currently in 3 different bedrooms throughout the house!) was gifted to us. We loved it when it was given to us, but we were ready for change. 
The dark wood is....well, dark. 

I had a near panic attack thinking about ruining it.
But then I got over it and sanded the thing all over.
The trim work was solid wood and the rest of it was (I think) covered plywood. 
So the wood was sanded down and the plywood just lightly sanded.

Next I primed it. I did two coats of it as I wanted to be sure the project worked. 
I was tempted at this point to go for a cottage look and paint the whole thing white and distress the edges.
But I pressed on.

And move on I did - with three coats of Antique Green paint - it isn't quite as bright as the picture makes it appear. I promise.

When the room is a bit more with it I will post pictures of our Chuck inspired room.

Aces dear Chuck. Aces.


Bethany said...

Oh my... I can't wait to see the finished project. Now I just may have to watch Chuck. But I'd hate to add in another favorite show into my repertoire at the moment.

judi said...

You are one bah-raaave girl...and I like! I am getting over my "don't want to ruin the antique" thinking. LOokin' forward to the finale!
~judi ;)

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished bedroom. Jackie

Angelina said...

I LIKE !!! You are giving me ideas Jess thanks!! :0) We were recently given a bed that will eventually go in our guest room. I we haven't picked it up yet, but i have been thinking about what to do with it. It is currently pink, blue and I think it has some flowers painted on it. I was thinking about just painting it white and be done with it as we already have white paint. I am really liking your cottage look idea. Any tips you can share?

Heather said...

I love it that you took a chance with your furniture!! It is so scary and I have wanted to do it with a big piece of furniture at my house, but have resisted. Maybe I will do it now!

My husband and son LOVE Chuck! Of course, both of them are computer nerds, so it is right up their alley;)!!

I can't wait to see your room finished!

mum said...

Is it cherry wood? Dad is cringing at the green, but I like it! Are you changing your curtains etc?

Sarah said...

YAY for color!!!!!

I know that apprehension. I am in the middle of a few projects too. The other day I stood outside with sander in hand and living room tables in front of me, and I had a bit of a moment as I thought that maybe I was ruining them by painting them and that stain would be better. BUT I pressed on, and after a few coats of gorgeous cherry red paint, I REALLY am glad I did!! They are turning out fabulous!!!

I can't wait to see what the finished room looks like!!! I love that green!!

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