Easy Ziplock Omelets

A friend e-mailed me this recipe for Ziplock Omelet and I was excited to try it out with the boys as it seemed like a great hands on recipe for the boys to help out with. Not only was it really fun to prepare with the boys but it was also a pretty decent omelet and really easy to make!

To make these you will need:
A Quart size Ziplock Freezer bag for each person
Omelet fillings (bacon, ham, peppers, onions, cheese, etc.)
Salt and pepper
2 eggs per bag
Permanent marker to label the bags

Start our with labeling the bag.

I had the boys add their cheese, peppers, onions and bacon to the bag next - if the eggs were put in the bag first the boys would likely have spilled them on the floor and/or put their hands in them. So I highly recommend putting the filling part in the bag before the eggs if you have young children doing this.

I cracked the eggs and put them in a glass and then let the boys pour that into the bag. I sealed the bag, making sure to get out as much air as possible then I handed the bags to the boys and told them to squish. I wish I had gotten that part on video - listening to their giggles erupt over squishing eggs was so cute!

 Once everything was well squished together I stuck the two bags in a pot of boiling water. The instructions in the email said that you can put up to 8 bags in a pot of water.
Leave in the boiling water for 13 minutes and then open the bag and let the omelet roll out.

Paul makes the most incredible omelets ever so these will not be replacing omelets in our home, however these will find their own place in our menu rotation. I think these would be really fun to prepare if there were a lot of guests over for breakfast - the bags, minus the eggs, could be prepared the evening before to each persons liking and the next morning you could add two eggs and stick them in the water for 13 minutes - add some fruit and some bread or muffins and it's a quick and easy breakfast for a crowd! 
Or, as we did this time, the boys and I will likely make these for ourselves when Paul is out of town and not able to make us his gourmet omelets. 

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