Judah Funnies - a collection

The other day Judah passed some gas and I said in a shocked voice "Judah, what was that?!"
Quick as a wink he said "I was shooting bad guys."
For the next two days every time he passed gas he informed me he was shooting bad guys.

Judah loves to chat to his stuffed animals once he is put in bed for the night. He tells them what he did during the day, tells them what their body parts are (and *ahem* wonders why certain body parts are missing), he sings them songs, he pretends they are bad guys and he shoots them or he pretends he is the bad guy and makes them shoot him.
The other evening he was talking with them and I said "Judah please be quiet."
I heard him tell his stuffed animals; "Oh no. Mommy said be quiet. Now hush."

Judah was in bed and he called out to me saying "OH NO MOMMY!! My (stuffed animal) pig just ate my bed!! MY BED IS ALL GONE!!"

Judah was eating a peanut butter sandwich and he said "Mommy, it's all gone. Can I have more peanut butter for my bread?"
He had licked all the peanut butter off his bread :)

Me, while eating something good: "Mmm, this is yummy."
Judah: "No mommy. 'M' says 'mmm'."


Esther Leanne said...

He's hysterical! I love it!!!

Leah said...

So cute! :)

mum said...

Do you keep a book? I always wished I'd kept a separate book with all you kids' funny sayings! Instead they are all on scraps of paper in different drawers! One day...

the attractiver one. said...

best photo of all life.
it's gonna be my new twitter dp.
props to you jess.

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