Our Weekend

The boys and I had a wonderful time at the reunion this weekend. It was my mum's side of the family (Dibble) and while none of my immediate family was there some of my cousins were and my grandfathers cousins and their families were there.

My grandfathers cousin had put together a slide show presentation, complete with diagrams and photographs, of the Dibble family history dating back to the 1800's. It was fascinating to see it and hear the stories that he had collected about the family members.

Click on the top picture for an album of the Family Reunion.

These are a couple of my favorites:

Wesley with his 'Grandpa Kurt' - the balloon animal man :)

Wesley, Judah and my cousins son, Daniel

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Jessica said...

Aw, Jessica - it sounds like you had such a good time! Tennesse is beautiful, isn't it?

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