Dear Daddy

Paul found out the beginning of this week that he was promoted - yay! We didn't get a chance to celebrate though as he had to leave with work for Florida for the week. He gets back on Friday, which has given me the opportunity to think up something special to do to celebrate the occasion. Both boys have been helping me prepare for it - including being great sports about me dressing them up for the pictures for Paul's invitation to dinner.

Do you know there is a huge lack of ideas for celebrating an Army promotion online?! I couldn't find anything useful when I googled it. I'll post about our celebration after the fact - can't ruin any of the surprises for Paul! :)


mum said...

Congratulations, Paul!!!! We are happy for all of you. You do a great job at work and at home! Only there are no promotions after 'husband' and 'daddy', that is a high calling!
Jess, can't wait to hear what you are cooking up!!

Jessica said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

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