Photography Tips

I struggle with sharing any photography tips at all as I am still so much in the infant stage of photography - in fact one year ago I didn't own Photoshop or a DSLR. I have been teaching myself the ins and outs over the past ten months and still have SO much to learn!!

I have had several of you ask me for tips though, so I am going to see how well I can share the things I have learned over the next few weeks if the interest still remains.

Knowing that the average person doesn't own Photoshop or use any photo editing software I won't be sharing any editing tips - just plain and simple "how to take better pictures."
And the images included will be unedited, straight out of the camera shots.

Tip #1:

When taking a picture of your child(ren) be on an eye-to-eye level with them whenever possible.

There are times when changing the angle to slightly above or slightly below can add interest and
make for a better picture than if you were head on - for example this picture I took of Judah. I love how he is looking up at me, and think it is a much more interesting picture than if he was looking head on at me. (That being said, this image is a bit dark, it was edited and posted several days ago here but I am trying to keep it real with unedited pictures!)

Tip #2:

Before taking a picture of your child(ren) move them around a bit to find where the sun hits their eyes, giving them a natural sparkle in their eye.

There is a lot of "eye popping" done when editing photography, especially in children photography. I sometimes do it too, but usually I just move them around until I find the "sparkle" in their eye. The first picture of Judah that I used at the beginning of this post and this one of Wesley are examples of this "eye sparkle." The one of Judah was taken in the morning and the one of Wesley was taken in the afternoon - they are both facing different directions.


Rachel said...

Your boys are starting to look more and more alike. They are very handsome little men. :)

Kristin @ DailyKitchen said...

Big blue eyes and curly blonde hair. What a cute combination!

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