Unsocialized Baby

I am a pretty easy going person, and it really doesn't bother me when people come up and say odd things or offer me weird pieces of advice about how to raise my baby. But today I wished looks could kill. Ok, not really. I wouldn't kill anyone over something stupid they said, but I wish he knew how much I did not appreciate his comment.

I was at the commissary doing my grocery shopping and this older gentleman became my "aisle buddy" - the one I would run into on every aisle because he was going one way and I was going the other, so we'd bump into each other at some point in each aisle. He was pleasant and would chat to me every time we passed each other and would try to get Judah to smile or chatter to him.

For whatever reason Judah would NOT smile or chat to anyone. I think he was embarrassed because he'd pooped his pants. *smile* Anyways, Judah would just stare at everyone with his eyes wide open.

The man must have gotten offended, or frustrated, or SOMETHING, because he finally says to me:

"You know, you should really get your baby out more so he socializes with people."


I have all these lines in my head to use if people say rude things to me - the Nov '07 BabyTalk magazine had some great lines:

If someone says "Is that formula you're feeding your baby?"
You say "Is that soda you're giving your 6 year old?"

If someone says (which they won't, b/c I don't have twins, but this one is hilarious!) "Twins! Was it fertility drugs?"
You say "A double chin! Was it cheeseburgers?"

If someone says "She's not still in diapers, is she? At her age she really should be using the potty."
You say: "You're not still in underpants are you? At your age you should be wearing Depends."

Ok, so I would *never* say any of those, but they are tucked away in my head and will give me a giggle if anyone says something that could warrant that response.

But an unsocialized baby?! I was speechless, but even now I can't think of a clever response that I could have given him!

After that comment I re-routed my aisle shopping so that I didn't have to bump into him again.

So, any clever come backs I could have used?


Kim said...

How about:

"Someone should socialize YOU, since clearly you know what is and is not okay to say to strangers in the grocery store."

or, alternatively,

"Actually, he normally smiles at everyone - I think he's just afraid of you."

Kim said...

lol - I meant "clearly you don't know ..." meh!

The Rock Chick said...

I love Kim's repsonse about how someone should socialize the commenter! LOL How true!!

My third daughter has a huge birthmark on the back of her head. She also had no hair until she was like 1 1/2. Once someone stopped me in the store and told me my daughter would be beautiful if I could get her plastic surgery or something to cover that mark.

Good grief! Yes, hair would cover that...we're just waiting for the rogaine to kick in...

People are unbelievable!


Pati said...

Jessica how about trying this one on that man (said in our sweetest voice with nicest smile of course):

Oh surely you project!

Judah is VERY social.
And at least Judah's happy. Sounds like you met 1 of Sleeping Beauty's 7 drawfs at the grocery store ... GRUMPY!
Hugs, **Pati

The Rock Chick said...

Are we going to get a picture of Judah in his Halloween costume????????


Crystal said...

"He's plenty socialized, thanks. We've just taught him to steer clear of creepy old men."

Jessica Morris said...

I thought of a response this evening:

"Well, his father and I were both homeschooled, so what can you expect?"

Crystal said...


I'm changing my vote to "...crotchety old men."

Yeah. Crotchety. Sounds better.

Or, "Dang! And we're here without his tinfoil hat!"

Mel's Mom said...

"I think he saw you on "America's Most Wanted" the other other night and is afraid of you." But Crystal's is probably my vote =)

mel said...

You should just say something like "Oh, I'm sorry... He freezes up when he sees ugly people."


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