The Right Way To Make Them

I got a Christmas cookie cookbook in the mail this weekend and *just happened* to have the ingredients for the Meringue recipe on hand. So of course I had to try it out - just to see if I wanted to be making them for Christmas time. Mmm! They were delicious!
My mum use to make meringues and she *always* made them green. This recipe called for red food coloring. Red meringues?? I think not! Meringues are not meringues unless they are green. So I made them green.


Anonymous said...

Put chipped peppermint pieces in them and see how they go!!

If the recipe is not too long I would like it. I am alway looking for different ones. Do you like Fruit Cake? Please let me know

Love AP

Chelsea Rae said...

I would also like the recipe!

I most definitely think that you should blog a picture of your presents... it would make me look so much less weird... AND it would prove to my husband that I am not the only one out there who does this! LOL!!!!

Chelsea Rae said...

oh... and to add a comment to my comment, is it alright that I mentioned Judah? I didn't even think to ask you, I'm sorry! I can remove it if you want.

JAM said...

Yeah, ya gotta keep up the family tradition. Go with the green.

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