Laughter Began with Baby

I just love having a BOY - Judah is an absolute riot and every single day is filled with laughter because of him. Paul and I had a conversation about this a few days ago.

ME - "Judah is so funny. We never use to laugh this hard before he came."
PAUL - "You're right we didn't."
ME - "What did we use to laugh about before Judah?"
PAUL - "We didn't use to laugh."

K, so that's not really true... we weren't exactly solemn logs before Judah came along, but we laugh so much more now that he is here! Judah has perfected his crawl and is now into every corner that is not barricaded off. He is also trying to crawl UP everything! His favorite thing when he is in his playpen to try to scale the playpen walls... crazy boy! He has this new passion for climbing things ... or more specifically, climbing ME. It is so cute to see him so proud of himself for having - all on his own - pulled himself into a standing position while using me as a prop. This evening he even let go of me and stood for a few moments on his own. He was just beaming and crowing with pride.

Judah loves to roar and make spit bubbles and roll around with someone on the floor. Some of his babblings are sounding more and more like words but I don't think any of them are... other than his three 'dada', 'mama' and 'ada.'

Paul and I both desperately wanted an exciting and active baby, and we got it!


Anonymous said...

You are so blessed. He is a beautiful child. He also has great parents that will take the time to be with him and help him grow. Keep up the good work!! AP

The Rock Chick said...

How sweet! I love the age that Judah is at. Every day is an adventure for them and they are learning new things every hour, it seems!

Enjoy every single minute!!!!!!!


Mel's Mom said...

You are so right! There is a certain smile and laugh only a child can bring!

Bethany said...

I'm pretty excited about all the "free" entertainment to come!

Amber said...

I can't wait! :-) Judah seems like a ton of fun. I'm sure my little boy will be too.

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