Judah's First Fair

I really am not on a blogging strike ... I just have a mobile baby. Totally changes EVERYTHING. Instead of hanging out inside and watching the ceiling he now does stuff. He will crawl through tunnels at the park, squeal with delight when we go down the slide, and make goofy faces when pushed in the swing. He wants to feed himself, climb over, under and onto any available surface and pull off his diaper and decorate his bedding, crib and walls with the contents therein. He has a long way to go if he wants to be an interior designer.
My baby is now FUN and rather than blog about it, I am having fun with him, and enjoying every moment of it :)

Last night I took Judah and my friend Sarah to a fair. I wanted to see the demolition derby... Judah seemed to love it - really, what boy wouldn't?! Loud, bright and crashing cars.

Here's Judah and Auntie Sarah watching the demolition:

There was a petting zoo at the fair and they had some of the coolest animals either Sarah or I had ever seen in a petting zoo.
Judah adored the animals, and loved it when they licked his toes.


Chelsea Rae said...

Is that a deer? I love the look on Judah's face.. "We can be friends but don't get any closer!" You guys are going to have so much fun at Christmas, Mary won't be old enough to understand much yet but I'm sure she will have fun. The greatest thing about when they are young like this is we could really wrap some of the toys they already has and give them to them, I'm sure they would be just as excited to open them!

Anonymous said...

he's really gotten so big!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry i forgot to put my name on that comment! its from ashleigh!

Catherine said...

I like the second picture - quite cute.

JAM said...

I love how the animals seem as curious about him as he does them. Check out the smile he has for the deer!

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