While Spencer and Steven were visiting this past week Judah took to calling me by my first name - 'cept he couldn't get it quite right and it would come out as "JAY-CA-CA." We laughed a little bit more than we should have and now HE laughs as he says my name. But he switches back to mommy - or "my mommy" - pretty quickly since "Jay-ca-ca" doesn't seem to hear him when he talks. :)

It is so much fun to see Judah's thoughts coming out as he is getting more and more words added to his vocabulary. The other night he was eating some spicy sausage and he turned to our friend Blaine, with eyes wide open, and said "BLAINE! It's hot!"
He does love hot food, and will eat stuff that I won't. It makes Paul so proud.

Pile up!

See?! He really does love his uncle.


Bethany said...

Love the "pile-up" photo.

Vocabulary is getting fun around here too. Cheese is a new one for Josh, and he said it quite a bit last night. I guess he likes cheese. Hot and Shoe... It's fun.

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

I just LOVE Judah's eyes in that picture with his uncle. ADORABLE!!!

Jessica said...

Hi...I stumbled upon your blog somehow, and your pictures look so good...your boys are adorable :-) Just wanted to say that my name is Jessica too, and my older cousin called me "Ca-Ca" for about 3 years because she couldn't say my name. Not the best nickname, I guess! lol

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