My brother and his friend - who is practically my brother anyway - came to visit this week.
We had tons of fun :)

Spenny is becoming a child-lovin'-guy. So cute.
He even got puked on and didn't die.

Wesley loved his uncle.
Judah did too. But the pictures are still in the camera.

They went to this old Train Depot with me so I could see if I liked it for future photo shoots.
Steven was a great model.
And then Spencer took this shot of me.
I love the look of the Train Depot and will definitely be back there!!
I did a photo shoot on base this week - you can check out the images HERE.


Christine said...

Hello, my name is Christine. You don't know me but I came across your blog when I was googling frozen meal planning. I hope you don't mind but I read your entire blog. I found it interesting and am hoping you're ok with me continuing to read it. If not, just let me know. Anyways... I just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself.

Bethany said...

Wesley is adorable. He's got such big eyes! Uncles are a lot of fun to have around... What would we do without them?

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