Updates For Judah's Book

--I keep a word document of the boys updates and funnies, I've never shared them on here before, but I may start.--

Judah hasn't seen Paul since Saturday.
This morning he saw Paul's pajama pants laying on the floor and he got excited and said "DADDY!" I was about to tell him that daddy was at work when he picked up the pajama pants, stroked them lovingly and said "Hi daddy!"

Judah brushes his teeth about five times a day. It's one of his favorite activities. This morning he brought me his toothbrush and the diaper rash cream and told me he wanted to brush his teeth. I'm rather grateful he didn't try loading his toothbrush on his own!

Judah definitely takes after me when it comes to sleeping... if there's something better to do why bother with sleep?! Last night he was feeling sick, and Paul wasn't expected home until very late, so I took Judah into our room and laid in our bed with him. Every 5-10 minutes he would either make a funny noise or reach up and "beep" my nose trying to make me laugh. He would put his hands on either side of my mouth and feel if I was smiling at him, and if I was it just egged him on. It was too funny for me to not laugh.
He did this for over an hour and a half! I eventually took him back to his crib to fall asleep on his own, and within one minute of being in his own crib, all alone in his room, he was fast asleep.

When Judah cleans up his toys - which he does very well when asked, but not at all if he's not asked! - he almost always breaks into song, singing "Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up..." and he sings it over and over and over until it's all cleaned up.

Judah is mimicking the things I say and do to Wezzy. This week I have heard a lot of "No, no Wezzy. No, no." And if Wesley is crying and I can't get to him right away Judah will sit beside him and pat his stomach.
If Wesley is sleeping in another room Judah will ask (with great concern!) "Where is Wezzy?"


TammyIsBlessed said...

Too cute - and I great idea for keeping track of that stuff, I need to do that!

Crystal said...

What a character!

The hi daddy pajama pants one really made me giggle. :)

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