Thursday Thirteen #2

thirteen seemingly pointless and/or irresponsible things I would like to do:

1. Backpack around the world with Paul
2. Go bungee jumping
3. Go skydiving
4. Get a nose ring
5. Be on a ‘Best Friends’ version of “Wheel Of Fortune” with Paul
6. Do a road trip that covers a good portion of North America
7. Do something memorable in every US state
8. Go white water rafting on some real rapids
9. Cut my hair short
10. Dye my hair blonde
11. Take a cake decorating class
12. Own a pair of shoes in every color and heel type
13. Have my leg hair permanently removed

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Essie said...

I am SO with you on #13!!! Let's do that sometime this C'mas:-p

Anonymous said...

Hey how are ya...
I used to go to school with you way way back in the day.. like grade 4 or 5. I actually found your sister online and she gave me the link to his site..

CONGRATS!!! It is so hard to believe we're old enough to have kids and be married etc. (I have a son but not married yet) I am so excited for you and it sounds like you'll be an amazing mom!!

Love ya! Rebecca Weller

Anonymous said...

and the nose ring one isnt pointless!!! I have mine done and I freaking love it.. looks good on everyone!

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