Paul has been adopted for Christmas day!! I am so happy knowing that he isn’t going to spend the day sitting in his barracks watching movies and eating microwave food all day long. A family from the church invited him to spend the day with them, and I am so grateful that they did =)

He has been faithfully hunting for apartments for us… first floor or second floor? Two bedrooms or three? One bathroom or two? Small kitchen and big bathroom or big kitchen and small bathroom? Closer to work or closer to church? So many things to decide when trying to pick a place to live!
I have complete confidence in his ability to pick our place – I cannot wait to move down there and be with him!

Weird thought – I might actually pick up the cute Georgia accent. It’s too bad I wouldn’t even notice it if I do pick it up.

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Nicole said...

That is great for Paul!

Apartment hunting is fun! I hope he can find the perfect place for you two (soon to be 3)!

If you pick up the accent that would be so funny for your Canadian family! I bet they would giggle everytime you talked because you would sound so different :)

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