In nine days I will be with Paul!!! I am so very excited about that =) It will have been nearly six weeks apart ... far too long. But it is much, much better than what it would be if this were an overseas deployment... I don't know how those wives survive the 18 month deployments, and I hope I never find out.

It has been a busy week - I have eaten too much and been on my feet too much!! It is so hard to stay quiet when there is so much exciting stuff going on! =)
Christmas day was a very enjoyable day. I missed Paul, but it was fun to be with my crazy siblings Christmas morning =)
Grandpa and Grandma Crowe and the 'adopted' grandparents - Mr. and Mrs. Nummey - joined us for Christmas dinner. I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon away.

This baby makes me SO tired some days!! I nap most days for 2-4 hours.
On Wednesday I had a check up and the doctor said all is well =) He said my stomach will likely grow another four centimeters - FOUR!!! I am not sure how my stomach will stretch out that much further, it feels stretched to its limits right now =)

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