They Make My Heart Melt

Have I said lately how much I love these two?

How much I love their imaginations.

And love their silly games.

And love that they are mine.

They are a beautiful gift.
And I am so thankful for them.


Jessica said...

Beautiful, Jess. Doesn't it just break your heart how much you love them, and how there are actually some families out there who don't realize the beautiful gifts they've received in their children? You're a fantastic mama to those boys.

Jana said...

Underwear on the head-priceless.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Jessica, on Lovelady Thrift, sorry I don't know the hours, but I'm sure it is normal business hours, like 9-5 or 6, so you should be able to stop by. They are in Irondale on the main drag, Crestwood Ave. The other place was a weekend only festival and it's an hour from B'ham.

Anne said...

So precious!

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